SBCD001 | Guy Mantzur - Moments SINGLE CD


As a forerunner of the ever growing and ever popular Tel Aviv underground music scene, Guy Mantzur delivers his forward thinking debut album. As both a DJ and producer, his musical diversity, straddles electronic genres with ease and showcases his musical worth. He has released music with such heavyweights as Renaissance, Lost & Found and of course Sudbeat, but also on his own Plattenbank Records Imprint, whilst all along holding residency at the World renowned ‘The Cat and The Dog’ nightclub playing alongside the Planets Elite DJs, and touring the Globe himself wowing crowds with his performances. ‘Moments’ is a landmark moment for Guy Mantzur and for Sudbeat, as this is the first artist album for both parties and once you’ll hear, you’ll understand that this is a collection of musical jewels, and all the while proving Guys meteoric rise through DJ-ing and production is fully deserved. This album delivers such deep yet uplifting masterpieces as ‘Moments Becoming Endless Time’, a beautiful breathtaking vocal gem, oozing of coolness and produced in a timeless manner, and ‘Instagram’ with its warm and deep tinkled melodics, with superb depth of character showing through. The multi layered sounds in ‘How Long Is Now’ deliver aural delight, while the heads down feel of ‘Moon Launch’ mesmerises you with its melancholic subtleties. Dance floor moodiness comes in the way of the new special edit of ‘All Over Music’ with its dark spellbinding vibe, and the punchy ‘Cumple Sueños’ delivers intense flavours that mystify while delighting, and the persistently offbeat yet still uplifting ‘Necessity’. Taking things a little harder ‘This Is Mayhem’ is a serious dubbier edged melodic monster counterbalanced by the bass-lines melodic movement. ‘Blackout Station’ is a deep and chunky hypnotic gem meandering through a moody path of haunting pads, while the eerie synth line wobbles around your mind. ‘We Are What We Are’ galvanises a breath taking array of sounds and fuses to deliver a triumphant outcome, while the collaboration with Guy J ‘All In’ is a tranceinducing solid techno champion of integrity. Bookending the album are two mighty slabs of electronica for the mind rather than the club, with ‘Intro’ a beat-less spacious wonder, while the downtempo ‘Outro’ fuses layers of hypnotic smile inducing sounds over a live drums. A well rounded and accomplished soundtrack of cutting edge electronica, showing the forward thinking mindset of Sudbeat and Guy Mantzur that we are sure will be heralded as one of the conquering albums of the year.

This offer contains:

-Guy Mantzur - Moments

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